The Ibiza Legends Trilogy

Self-created Musical productions, inspired by fantasy and the magic of Ibiza.

“The Ibiza Legends Trilogy”, throughout these three stories and with the help of our beloved and sometimes naughty mythological beings, we will be witness to and become familiar with the Ibiza legends, always half way between reality and fantasy.      

Performances in three languages, English, Spanish and Catalan. Informative and containing messages of great educational value.

Recommended to be performed in theatres, educational centres and schools, touristic and cultural public institutions, hotels, shopping centres, at private events…

Script: Juan Carlos Guerra y Carolina Cardona
Music: Javi Ferrer

Caty and Christmas

Caty is a little girl who has lost faith in Christmas. For some years now, her family haven’t celebrated Christmas Eve with her. This year she is visited by a genet (wild cat) which will guide her through a fantastically magical adventure. When they visit Santa Eulalia’s “Pont Vell”, the old bridge, they will meet two naughty characters, the Fameliars who are in the midst of checking the bridge so that when Father Christmas arrives for his annual visit with his reindeer and sleigh, he will be able to cross it without any mishaps, and deliver the presents to all the boys and girls in the municipality. An evil “Barruget” will try to sabotage their work so as to prevent Father Christmas from getting across. To stop the Barruget’s evil plans, Caty will have to believe in Christmas again, and this way, with the help of the Fameliars, the genet and all the children in the audience, regain the Christmas Spirit.   

Ibiza, an Island of Legends

With the power vested in me by our Goddess Tanit, I summon…!

With this calling, we begin our story of a distinguished scientist who has discovered the formula for a potion which will give him the power to govern, first Ibiza, then the world. Marc is a young pagés man who lives with his grandmother and who has created his own company “Home Delivered Orelletes”. It turns out that the “orelletes” are the last ingredient needed to complete the potion. Marc will become the protagonist of a fantastic adventure in which he will be accompanied by his grandmother, a neighbour, and some very special aliens. During the story we will witness to and become familiar with the Ibiza legends, always half way between fantasy and reality.

Pirates, corsairs, also known as buccaneers, gods, hippies and fameliars…all are involved!    

The Fameliars who saved the May Festivities

In Santa Eulalia the May festivities, “Fiestas de Mayo” are about to begin.

The evil sorcerer Besnit, along with his loyal servant Barruget, hatches a plan to prevent the celebrations. He will make the denial potion and will offer it to Pep, the municipality’s historian, who after drinking it, will deny the legend of the origins of these festivities. Everyone will believe that the legend is false and the festivities will not be celebrated again. But what Besnit and Berruget do not expect is the presence, at the historian´s house, of two amusing fameliars, who will protect him from the evil sorcerer’s trick. The two of them along with Lali, Pep’s wife, will defend the historian fiercely and save the “Fiestas de Mayo”.