We turn the happiest day in your life into your very own musical. We create a fantastic story from the most romantic moments of your relationship and your most memorable songs, with a cast from some of the most successful national and international shows. What a beautiful surprise gift it could be for your partner, your son/daughter, your relative or for your friends; that couple who are soon going to say “I do”.


It is your wedding, so you can include any story you have, like any romantic or special moment you had, your first or most memorable song/s, anecdotes or even the reconstruction of your first kiss… anything that you have in mind and is possible to accomplish. Starting from this, together we will build up a unique musical wedding that will become unforgettable.

We have a cast of professional actors that will take part in the wedding performance. Besides them, though, you can include anybody you wish to be part of it and decide how much leadership/prominence you want for them or yourselves.

No, we do not arrange all the aspects of a wedding, although we can organize the music and visual shows throughout the event. Go back to “Shows and Artists” and check out our offer.

If you have further questions, please email us or call us and our team will gladly answer your inquiry.